Mother Toddler Program

    Mother Toddler Program

    The Concept Toddlers in the age group: 9 months to 18 months

    Mother - Toddler Program (MTP) is uniquely conceptualized to lay a strong foundation in the early lives of the toddlers. It aims to proudly partner the mothers for their toddler’s growth, development and achievements by developing love of lifetime learning and shaping their intrinsic skills. We focus on meeting each and every child's Physical, Cognitive, Language, Socio-Emotional & Creative needs through developmentally appropriate learning practices MTP caters to creating a bond between mothers and toddlers, where the mother professionally learn when, where and how the toddler needs his /her mother by getting involved in different activities along with their toddlers and hence ensuring the toddlers overall developments.

    Prodigy - Positive Upshots of Mother Toddlers Program

    Mother Toddler Program aims at

  • Make learning fun for the child by involving the mother
  • To strengthen the bonding between mother and her baby
  • Increase the baby’s intelligence and sharpen overall development
  • Unlock and explore toddlers imagination
  • Inbuilt a feeling among the mother to build knowledge and respect for the baby's abilities
  • Instill in the child a lifelong love for learning
  • Endorsing pre- schooling for toddlers
  • Endorsing co-operative learning amongst facilitator, mothers and the    toddlers;
  • Bring out the best in the mother and their children.

  • Program Approach ? Empowering the learning needs

    Our Mother Toddler program encompasses the right techniques for the mother understand their toddlers developments and begin orienting the child towards the appropriate developments in line with the requirements. Our program focuses on developing the child’s personality by providing rich environment blended with age appropriate activities that weave the attractive teaching and learning aid skillfully to foster holistic EPICS development. ‘EPICS’ signify the developmental saga of a child as he / she ascends the ladder of developmental milestones towards holistic development along with their mothers.

    EPICS constitute the following developments:

    Emotional Development Comprehending feeling of self and others, managing emotions as well as expressing appropriately
    Physical Development Encompasses the gross motor as well as fine motor skills with the overall growth and development of the physique
    Intellectual Development The process of making sense of the world which involves the cognitive processes like investigating, thinking, reasoning analyzing, comprehensions etc
    Creative Development Fluency of ideas and originality with innovative ways of expressing concepts and thoughts in various aspects like reading , writing ,music, body moments, logical and mathematical concepts contribute to creative development
    Social Development Sharing, caring, interacting and knowing one self as well as the ability to understand other and effectively create and maintain relationships

    Learning Dissemination - Involving skill development activities The program encompasses formal learning themes. The learning is induced with fun and creative activities to be done by toddler with the mothers facilitating them. It is based on co-operative learning styles providing the mothers and toddler to explore, discover, create and apply the skills. The mother discovers the potential of her child and provides the necessary stimulation to boost their talents. It also is the beginning to school-proof the children slowly and makes them accustom to the formal school environment.